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            2017 外贸业务员英文简历




              Female, 32, The cantonese

              Education: college

              Working years: 5-8 years

              Expected salary: negotiable

              Working location: guangzhou - there is no limit

              Objective: English translation | international trade chief/manager | | trade/other logistics position merchandiser

              Strong interpersonal communication skills Ability to perform Strong learning ability Have affinity The good faith integrity a strong sense of responsibility Highly effective composed inside collect

              Work experience (work for seven years and 10 months, do 2 job)

              Jia qian international trading co., LTD

              Working time: in June 2011 to November 2016 [5 years and 5 months]

              Job title: senior merchandiser for foreign trade

              Job content: 1, responsible for communicate with foreign clients, reception, translation, order set;

              2, responsible for foreign trade correspondence transceiver;

              3, based on customer order to arrange production and shipment supplier issues.

              4, responsible for the abnormal situation process orders, after-sales service.

              Mr Lai international trade co., LTD

              Working time: in November 2008 to April 2011 (2 years and 5 months]

              Job title: foreign trade merchandiser

              Job description: 1. Responsible for foreign customers reception and translation.

              2. Incoming and outgoing correspondence, responsible for arranging coordinate production orders, looking for suppliers.

              3. Responsible for handling logistics, make invoice, packing list, arrange money matters.

              4. Responsible for dealing with abnormalities in order.

              Education experience

              Graduated in June 2009 Guangdong light industry professional technology institute of economic and trade English

              Graduated in July 2006 Longchuan county car field school life

              Language skills.

              English: good


              Self description

              1, English listening, speaking, reading and writing proficiency, and the guest communication barrier-free.

              2, familiar with international trade;

              3, familiar with computer office software operation;

              4, good communication skills, integrity, teamwork spirit.



              Female 24 years old, The cantonese

              Education: bachelor degree

              Working years: 1 to 2 years

              Expected salary: 3000-5000 yuan

              Working location: guangzhou - tianhe - there is no limit

              Objective: buyer/assistant | marketing specialist/manager/manager | | international trade commissioner English translation

              Working experience (the 1 months, 1 year for three job)

              Texas foda metal co., LTD

              Working time: March 2016 to November 2016 [8 months]

              Job title: foreign trade salesman

              Working content: mainly responsible for dealing with customer enquiries and orders at the same time, also need their own independent on some social platform development customer, need to communicate with the customer during the exhibition, transaction.

              Results: independent development a sum of $150000 worth of orders, from talking to order follow up to customers booking, etc., are held by their operations. Guangdong surplus hao craft products co., LTD

              Working time: in May 2015 to August 2015 [3]

              Job title: sales assistant

              Work content: assist sales assistant in business work, learn and understand the foreign trade business process, big goods delivery process to assist the input order information, such as matching product and order information, etc

              45th annual li Yang crazy English summer camp

              Working time: July 2014 to September 2014 [two months]

              Job title: English teaching assistant

              Job content: 1. To learn idiomatic English phonetics and oral English training

              2. To assist the master teacher of high school English teaching in the summer camp, and in the form of a group individually

              3. Won the award for the outstanding English teaching assistant education after graduation this June 2016 business schools in the south China business English

              Project/training experience

              In March 2014 - June 2015 school virtual dextrys business company

              Project/training content: commercial project funded by the campus, in the form of funding for encouraging students to entrepreneurship and business knowledge to consolidate to actual cases

              Professional skills

              Word: proficient in experience: more than 6 years

              Language skills.

              English: good

              Certificate of award

              Certificate of title: the national computer level certificate Issued by time: in September 2013

              Certificate of title: senior Cambridge business English issued by time: in December 2015

              Name of the certificate, issued by the national computer level 2 time: in September 2014

              Certificate name: issued by time: English professional level 4 October 2013

              Tem 8 certificate name: English issued by time: in July 2016

              Self description

              I like positive work environment, like communicating with people

              Can accept high pressure work, hope I can grow from the challenge, to insist the attitude towards work patiently












            2017 外贸业务员英文简历相关推荐

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