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            发布时间:2017-07-15    来源:个人简历网


              Name: Yang Yang membership:

              Current residence: Chongqing Wanzhou

              nation: Han

              Household Registration: Xi'an in Shaanxi

              height and weight: 175cm 65 kg

              Marital status: single Age: 23

              Job search intention and work experience

              Personnel types: fresh graduates

              Candidates jobs: computer, human resources management, marketing and product marketing, and other related work

              Work Experience: 0 Title: Title

              Job type: full-time can be filled: 2008-7

              Salary requirements: according to your ideals and work requirements


              Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou

              Practice experience:

              from January 2006 to February 2006 in Xi'an of Shaanxi Trust-mart super-room Cu Xiaoyuan

              August 2006 to September 2006 in Xi'an of Shaanxi 7 space decoration company clerk

              January 2007 to February 2007 Shanghai branch sales Wanzhou Changhong

              August 2007 to September 2007 in Suzhou, Dongguan Mingschin electronics factory intern

              Educational Background

              Graduate institutions: the Joint Institute in Xi'an

              Supreme Education: Bachelor graduation date: 2017-07-01

              By Science: self-marketing professionals: Information Management

              Training Experience: September 2005 to July 2009 Xi'an Institute of joint marketing English four Chinese Proficiency Test, such as computer Erji B 2 (VF)

              Language ability

              English: General VF: good

              Chinese: excellent Cantonese: Good

              The ability to work and other expertise

              In addition I have a solid theoretical knowledge, hands-on practice and the ability to train. In practice, be sure of their superiors, not only enhance their marketing knowledge, training their own stringent Thinking capacities, professional skills, but also into society, to understand all aspects of social life, to further broaden the depth of knowledge and learned a lot The reason people doing things. At the same time, freshman to junior I have participated in student organizations, in particular, I enjoy that as a team with a goal in a hard struggle, the feeling of bloody sweat and get a solid temper. Particularly in Dongguan, Guangdong attachment to the junior days, let me gain a lot. Furthermore, I have a good computer and management knowledge, familiar with the office, word, excel, powerpoint, such as self-learning photoshop flash.

              Detailed personal autobiography

              1, with a solid marketing expertise and wealth of practical experience, able to adapt to the various affairs related to marketing the work.

              2, with good management ability, according to company requirements, competent management.

              3, with good computer knowledge, companies can handle computer-related work.

              4, I cheerful character, and good at communication. Experience cadre of students for many years acquired a good sense of responsibility and leadership ability, can Chikunailao, can rapidly adapt to a variety of environmental and integration of them. Collective concept of strong, with the spirit of teamwork.



              Basic resume

              Name: yjbys.com

              Age: 25 years old

              Nationality: China

              Current location: guangzhou

              Ethnic composition: the han nationality

              Of seat of registered permanent residence: hubei

              Height: 168 cm kg

              Marital status: single


              Talent type: fresh graduates

              Position: biological engineering research and development work,

              Working lives: 0

              Job type: full-time

              Date: at any time

              Requirements: 2000-3500 a month

              Hope to working areas: guangdong province

              Work experience

              Company name: miss food factory start-stop years: xx - 11 ~ 20

              Positions: visit the internship

              Job description:

              Education background

              School: university of fuzhou

              Highest degree: master degree

              Degree: master's degree

              Graduation date: 20 xx - 04-01

              Specialty: biological chemical industry

              Education experience

              20xx- 09, 20xx -06 institute of zhengzhou light industry bachelor's degree in biological engineering

              20xx - 09, 20 xx -04 master biological chemical industry of fuzhou university

              Language ability

              Language: good English

              Mandarin level: general

              Cantonese levels: general

              Personal skills

              It skills: computer by henan province secondary examination, familiar with office, powerpoint and excel computer software for office use, as well as the origin, chemidraw chemical related to software.

              Skills: English cet6, good expression ability in English, familiar with chemical professional English, has a skilled professional data access and translation of English.

              Other skills: skilled in high performance liquid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis apparatus about the operation, familiar with the use of the instrument and the daily maintenance, can independence to solve the problems about the instrument. Mastering microbial cultures, protein purification about the operation of the process and related equipment use.

              Published papers

              Chen, "and so on, based on the transformation of r - adrenaline high strain UN - 78 medium optimization. Chemical and biological engineering journal, 2009 (in Chinese).

              Chen Biqin Li Zhongqin, times, etc., Chen bioconversion system (r) - optical purity determination of adrenaline, spectroscopy and spectral analysis. In the review.

              Chen Biqin, "Chen times etc., (r) - the adrenaline high yield strain fermentation medium optimization, computer and applied chemistry.

              Personal assessment

              Has a solid biological, chemical knowledge, ability to analyze and solve problems independently, can bear hardships and stand hard work, has the strong organization ability and communication skills, good team spirit and innovation ability, strong adaptability.

              Personal autobiography

              On April 20 xx years for a master's degree; During drug biological technology and engineering.

              During the period of school as a class organization committee member, communication, communication ability outstanding.

              20xx-20 xx years for three consecutive years won the first scholarship.

              20 xx school miyoshi students.

              20 xx years won the outstanding graduates.

              Subject research

              R - the separation and purification of adrenaline dehydrogenase and enzymology properties research. (graduate)

              Project description: the provincial natural science foundation of China, research r - the separation and purification of adrenaline dehydrogenase and enzymology properties.

              Main contents: r - HPLC and hpce detection of adrenaline, the intracellular enzyme broken, acetone and ammonium sulfate precipitation, aqueous two-phase extraction and ion exchange, hydrophobic and sub isolated coagulation; Study of ph, temperature, metal ion, coenzyme influence on enzyme and enzyme substrate specificity, kinetic parameters, such as the determination of molecular weight.

              R - production of adrenaline and screening and conditions optimization (graduate student, auxiliary)

              Project description: screened from the soil to produce r - strain of adrenaline and mutagenesis and optimize the fermentation conditions.

              Main contents: the strains after mutagenesis capacity of r - adrenaline, optimization of fermentation conditions to improve the yield and enantiomeric excess value, get the best conditions.

              Separation of endophytic fungi of huai radix rehmanniae and its fermentation to produce the initial analysis of the medicinal ingredients (undergraduate)

              Project description: the main separation of endophytic fungi of huai rehmannia root and fermentation to produce active components were compared.

              Main content: the endophytic fungi of huai rehmannia root separation, purification of endophytic fungi and fermented product testing.

              Major in course

              Professional English graduate student: chemical engineering, biochemical reaction engineering, biological pharmacy, bioinformatics, chiral synthetic biology technology, higher biological chemistry and modern analysis techniques, advanced biochemical separation engineering, biological synthesis of pharmacology

              Undergraduate: general microbiology, biochemistry, biological technology, technology, industrial microbiology, principle of biological engineering, biological engineering technology, fermentation equipment, environmental biotechnology, biological pharmacy


              Correspondence address:

              Contact phone number:

              Email: [email protected]



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